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Sprout Headphone Attachment / Headset Accessory (LARGE)



Sprout headphone attachment can be fixed on any headbands or headphones by velcro tape.
It’s as light as a crochet sprout. You won’t even feel it on your head.
This sprout seedling can be the pc or headphone accessory, the part of the anime cosplay costume.
This headphone accessory goes in three basic colors: green, light green and mint.

Specify the color in the order description!!!

The sprout headphone attachment goes with white velcro. You can specify the color of the velcro tape in the order description.

Large: 4.7” × 1.2” × 3.2” (12 х 3 x 8 cm)

The product is made using 3D printing technology from biological plastic. It’s mean that small imperfections can be noticed.

Biological (PLA) plastic cannot exceed temperatures above 155 degrees
Do not use in dishwasher
Eco friendly
Multiple color
Can be painted (after primer)


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