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Cow Ears Headphone Attachment / Headphone accessories / Headset Attachment

White Ears, Pastel Pink Spots, Horns, Earring, Three Tags



The cow ears headphone attachment is a cool gift for gamers or streamers.
Cow ears or horns can be used as accessories for cosplay.
Don’t know what to gift your sister or her ? The cow’s ears with earring and cow tag are what will cheer her up.
There is a hole in the left ear for the earring. A red brick ring is included as standard. If you want a ring of a different color, specify it in the order description.

Three tags are included: “Let’s Go Girls”, “Not Today”, “Moood”. Instead, you can order your personal tags: no more than 3.
If you don’t need the earring, you can just take it out.
This cow ears headphone attachment easily attaches to headphones or headband by velcro tape. They are very lightweight that you can not even feel them on the head.
All ears come with white horns (if you want horns, the ring or ears of a different color, specify it in the order description).
Light ears come with white velcro, dark ears with black velcro. You can specify the color of the velcro tape in the order description.

Horn: 1.2” × 1.6” (3 х 4 cm)
Ear: 3” × 2.2” × 1” (7.5 х 5.5 x 2.5 cm)

The product is made using 3D printing technology from biological plastic. It’s mean that small imperfections can be noticed.

Biological (PLA) plastic cannot exceed temperatures above 155 degrees
Do not use in dishwasher
Eco friendly
Multiple color
Can be painted (after primer)

If you want to order only ears, only horns or horns, ears, earring, but without tags. Check out other product options in our store. If you want horns, spots, ears of a different color, then write these colors in the description of the orders. If you have any questions, go to the main page and send us an e-mail.


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